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Ancient Music

January 23, 2017

Winter is icumen in,
Lhude sing Goddamm,
Raineth drop and staineth slop
And how the wind doth ramm!
Sing : Goddamm.
Skiddeth bus and sloppeth us,
An ague hath my ham.
Freezeth river, turneth liver,
Damn you, sing: Goddamn.

–Ezra Pound, 1906

COMMENTARY: There used to be something in the sky…sort of a bright Donald-Trump-colored thing….hurt to look at. Made the grass grow. The sub? The sup? The some? Well, we haven’t seen it, here, for about a week. Rain and mist and wet, and an ague hath my ham indeed.

Anyway, this is a little parody Pound wrote of the Middle English “Summer is icumen in.” I like the quirky combination of the ancient and the modern: “Skideth bus and sloppeth us.”

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